DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Small Business Stamp Chart

PRINTABLE FILE: You'll be emailed a digital file to print this 5"x7" chart on purchase.

If you're like me, you like to use stamps, but you hate to dig through the Canada post website and figure out how much things cost to ship and then how many stamps that means. 

This handy dandy chart shows the smallest letter up to 200 gram oversized lettermail, great for prints under 10x14"! It's got Domestic, USA, and International prices, plus an example of stamp combos you can use, using Permanent, $1.30, $1.94 and 5¢ stamps. (A couple examples shown!)

Note: This balances a mix of less stamps and good price; so sometimes it will cost up to 20¢ more to use 4 stamps instead of like 10.


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